"Bob, the Llama" Toy Portrait, Nursery painting, 30 x 40 Oil Painting

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Bob, the Llama
30 x 40 Oil on Canvas
Private Collection

“Children see magic because they look for it.” — Christopher Moore


When I created this painting for my daughter's nursery, she had just turned one, and yelled "LLAMA" while smiling and pointing excitedly when she saw it.  I used her favorite toy for reference, so he was a close friend of hers by that point.  Now when we ask what his name is, she confidently says Bob.  (We also have a fish named Bob.  and a neighbor cat named Bob.  and the rhino at the zoo is named Bob...)

See the process and behind the scenes here.

 While this is part of a private collection, you can purchase prints here.


No. 18
Pebble Beach

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THANK YOU!!! We gave the painting to my mother this weekend and she cried when she saw it. She LOVED it!! It was the perfect gift! (we loved the behind the scenes video as well. I've watched it a million times already).

Mary Ann
Los Angeles, CA

The golf painting is perfect. We put it above the bar cart and it makes the room. Thanks again!

Charleston, SC


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