From celebrating a hole in one to a 10th anniversary, each commissioned painting holds meaning and value, and I'll walk you through the process each step of the way.

Due to studio schedule constraints, I only accept a few commissions a year.  Fill out the form below or email us at to schedule a call, zoom, or in person meeting to discuss your project.


Frequently asked questions

What kind of paintings do you do?  Do you only paint golf landscapes?

I work with high quality oil paints on traditional surfaces such as linen, cotton, and board to create a realism technique with a painterly finish.  

While I love painting golf landscapes, I think it's important as an artist to be able to paint a wide variety of subjects well (Summer 2022 Portrait Calendar, I'm looking at you).  If you have something in mind, let's chat.  There's a good chance we can create something meaningful.

How long does each painting take?

Each painting is unique.  Some paintings may take 4-6 weeks, others a few months.  It all depends on the size, detail, and subject matter.

How much does a custom painting cost?

Because each custom painting is tailored to your end goal/vision, the studio process is more involved, and so the price may vary.  Below you'll find starting prices for landscapes (including golf courses), still lifes, and portraits.  Keep in mind the final price depends on many factors such as size, detail, and deadlines.

Note: portrait commission calendar to be released Spring/Summer 2021


Size  Still Lifes
18 x 24 $1,200
20 x 30 $1,800
30 x 40 $3,600
36 x 48 $5,200



Size  Portraits
18 x 24 $1,500
20 x 30 $2,400
30 x 40 $4,800
36 x 48 $7,600



Size  Landscapes
18 x 24 $1,700
20 x 30 $2,400
30 x 40 $6,000
36 x 48 $7,800


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