"Hunting Season", 36x48 oil on canvas


I’ve never been hunting.  I’d probably name all the deer if I did go hunting, so I don’t know how great I’d be at it.  I even named this guy Charlie.  

After painting a small sketch for composition, I moved the drawing to a 36 x 48 canvas and blocked in the background.  (If I had to pick canvas size favorites, THIS IS IT.  It fits most walls perfectly without a frame, but in the right setting can still handle a nice chunky frame.)

After the background was blocked in, the stag was built up layer by layer, from darkest to light.  My studio assistant was EXTREMELY helpful

I kept the background loose to help the details of the stag stand out a little more.  Can we talk about those layers in the antlers???

Oil paint takes longer to dry than acrylic or watercolor.  Depending on the thickness of paint and what medium used, this can be months or even years.  This means we have to wait at LEAST 6 months to put a protective varnish over paintings.  If an original is sent out of state where I can’t apply it myself, I always recommend collectors take it to an experienced framer to apply the varnish at the six month mark.  It takes a little patience, but getting to apply varnish is such a rewarding finishing touch.

Varnishes are a nonporous finishing layer that helps to protect the painting from fading.  It also helps unify certain parts of the painting that may have dried more glossy or more matte depending on the amount of medium used.  I love LOVE Gamblin’s varnishes and varnish brush. 

Loved working on this piece, and am so excited to see him finished and in his new home!

Check out more behind the scenes on the studio’s instagram stories here!

The original is part of a private collection, but you can purchase prints here

Thanks for following along!


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