Hole 8 at Pebble Beach

36º33'47" N 121º56'11.53" W
Par 4, 427 yards
The peninsula on the front nine at Pebble beach is dominated by the famous short par 3 7th hole. With it’s tee box perched precariously atop sheer cliffs and the Pacific crashing relentlessly at the green it’s easy to see why. But don’t let it’s beauty and treachery lull you into thinking that your challenge is over.

Number 8 is arguably the hardest hole on the golf course. At 416 yds it’s not a long hole by today’s standards but the chasm that slices the hole in half handcuffs the player into hitting a tee shot no longer than 240 yards. This leaves them with the most intimidating shot on the course on a good day. But add a stiff cross wind and this tiny green looks like a postage stamp surrounded by a salty grave.
This painting of the 8th hole at Pebble Beach would make the perfect addition to your golf course memorabilia or as a gift for the golfer in your life.
Watch the behind the scenes video here:

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