"No. 17 & 18 at Pebble Beach" 48" x 36", oil on canvas

There are a few places that hold stories.  Where the air is still heavy and quiet with legends from years ago.  Pebble Beach Golf Links is one of those places.  Golfers new and seasoned hold a firm respect for this course.  This past spring we had the opportunity to fly out for a few reference photos for the Pebble Beach Collection.  And as well known as the course is, I’d still venture to say it’s underrated. 

While a warm, bright sunrise was hoped for, I’m still even more thankful for the slightly gloomy weather we did get.

Once back in the Nashville studio, I started with a rough, gridded charcoal sketch and then an imprimatura layer in Indian red.

Then added each layer in blocks, from the sky and water to the greens and cliffs. Layer by layer, the painting was built up from the darks and ending with the smaller details and lights.

I also introduced a new palette table for this painting, one that fits in the studio perfectly.

The sharp cliff edges give this composition a strong anchor, and the curve of the course balances out the rest of the painting.

Click here to see the behind the scenes video and final painting.

I’m sure this won’t be the last time I’ll say this, but I think “No. 17 and 18 at Pebble Beach” is my most favorite painting I’ve done yet.

Watch the behind the scenes video here.


Commissions are opening up in a few weeks. Find an empty wall in your home that we can fix and let’s get started..


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