Discovering St. Andrews: the Hamilton Grand

No, not THAT Hamilton.  (great musical and movie, though...)

The Hamilton Grand is the building that makes up half of the iconic background as you cross the Swilcan Bridge at the Old Course at St. Andrews Links.  While I don't encounter too many buildings while painting landscapes and golf courses, this is one of my favorites that I've been able to paint so far.

And just as you'd enjoy a glass a wine a little more if you learned about the winery it came from, here's a quick dive into the Hamilton Grand so you can enjoy the iconic trio (the Swilcan Bridge, the Royal and Ancient Clubhouse, and the Hamilton Grand) that much more.

As the "home of golf" grew in popularity around the world, Thomas Hamilton built this building as a hotel to house visitors to St. Andrews Links.  Rumor has it the neighboring Royal and Ancient Clubhouse wouldn't extend an offer of membership, as much as he wanted it, so he built his hotel to spite the exclusive club.  

The building then wore many hats, including being housed by armed forces during World War II and then used as a residence hall by the University of St. Andrews.  Since 2004, the journey to turn it into private residences began.  After changing hands a few times, the building was finally renovated and renamed Hamilton Grand.  The building now houses luxury apartments with nothing short of a spectacular view.


Now that you know more about the history, visiting St. Andrews Old Course has that much more weight on your to do list.  Until then, do the next best thing and bring it into your home as an Old Course at St. Andrews Links painting.  High quality canvas prints of this golf course painting will be available for purchase on May 21.  Sign up for the waitlist here.


Read more about No. 18 at the Old Course at St. Andrews Links painting and see behind the scenes processes.

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