Discovering St. Andrews: 5 things to do on your golf trip

As odd as it is writing a traveling blog post in the middle of 2021, if you don't start putting together a traveling wishlist now, you'll have to wait in line when everything opens back up.  Or at least that's what I'm telling myself.

The Old Course at St. Andrews Links has been on my travel list since finishing the No. 18 at the Old Course at St. Andrews Links golf painting last year.  Check out the other blog posts to read more about the course, the Royal and Ancient Clubhouse, and the Hamilton Grand.  

When you're there, here are 5 things to make sure you check off after your round of golf.



Even if you think you know your gin, there's always something you can learn.  Located close to the Old Course, this experience is perfect for after a day on the course.  They are currently closed due to COVID, but offer virtual tastings here. (Great nextday shipping for UK, check for shipping updates if in US).

Eden Mill also has a distillery planned to open near St. Andrews Links in Spring 2022...plans sound incredible.  Add it to your radar!

Virtual Whisky Tasting: Eden Mill (photo from website)

(photo from



If you look at the No. 18 at the Old Course at St. Andrews Links  golf painting, you'll see the British Golf Museum creeping in to left.  In respect to the history of golf, if you're playing at St. Andrews Links, this should be a must.  Currently the gallery is closed due to COVID, but the shop and cafe can still be visited.  

(photo from



Built in 1158, the ruins of this cathedral are one to see.  Walk the grounds to see what was once the largest church in all of Scotland.

(image from Wikipedia)


While there's no secret the Old Course is just about as captivating as they come, don't forget to book the New Course during your trip.  Built in 1895 and designed by Tom Morris, the New Course is almost just as historic as it's neighboring course.  Book here

(image from

5. Jigger Inn


Located at the Old Course Hotel, the Jigger Inn is known as the most famous 19th hole in golf.  Built in the 1850s, this pub also has its own Jigger Ale, found only at the Jigger Inn and in Kohler, Wisconsin, USA at the American Club.  

(image from

If those recommendations didn't give you travel fever (no pun intended..), then your local golf course is made for you.  For the rest of us, we'll keep adding to our travel wish list and booking virtual gin tastings until we get to go in person. 

Add in a print of the Old Course at St. Andrews Links, and we're almost there. 

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