"Bob, the Llama", 36 x 48 oil on canvas

There are pieces that warm your heart and THEN THERE ARE PIECES THAT WARM YOUR HEART.  

Maggie has a stuffed toy llama that she's adored since day she was a few months old.  His name is Bob.  (The fish's name is Bob.  And so is the rhino at the zoo.  I think it's a phase).  So when it was time to find a piece to hang in her nursery, the choice was simple.


Nursery painting up close, llama toy


I started with a deeper pink background, and added a light wash for the llama’s shadows.  I couldn't move past the dark pink background, so I set the painting aside for months while I worked on other landscapes.  



And then one day during a long baby nap, I picked it back out of the “progress” stack of canvases and lightened the background to a sweet, paisley pink.  


For the short fur around the face, I used a few sables and flats.  The wooley, wirey hair on the head and body needed some swirl, so I brought out the sword liner brush and built them out in thin layers.



We let it dry for a few weeks, and now have it hanging above her bed.  I smile every time she points and yells “BOOOBBBBBBB” at it.  Definitely one of my favorite paintings, and I love how it completes her room!


The original is of course in our private collection, but you can purchase prints here.


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